Pregnancy & Postnatal Pilates

Sol Pilates

Pilates is a safe form of exercise that will help you through all the stages of pregnancy, during the fourth trimester and beyond. It is also a lovely way to meet other mums in the community.

As a mum of a two year old girl I experienced first hand the goodness of Pilates during my pregnancy and after. You will continue to get the full benefits of Pilates along with a specific focus that will help to prepare your body for birth and to recover once your bundle of joy has arrived.

Pregnancy Pilates

Some of the benefits are:

  • Increasing your body awareness, and learning breathing and relaxation techniques.
  • Strengthening your core muscles to help your body adapt to the increasing load as your baby grows and encouraging a good posture.
  • Creating pelvic floor awareness, to learn how how to engage and release your pelvic floor in preparation for birth.
  • Reducing back pain and pelvic girdle pain.
  • Learning birthing positions and exercises to encourage the baby to adopt the optimal position for birth.
“Pilates can give you relaxation skills, breathing control, strength, flexibility, and stamina which will prove invaluable during all stages of pregnancy, and of course, for the demands of new motherhood”
Lynne Robinson co-founder of Body Control Pilates

Postnatal Pilates

Some of the benefits are:

  • Strengthening your upper body to help you with the early demands of motherhood and to reduce the aches you may develop (from bending when you are feeding the baby, carrying, kneeling etc)
  • Helping to recover your abdominal tone and in the case that you develop diastasis recti (abdominal separation) reducing the gap gradually.
  • Regaining your pelvic floor strength to help with problems like stress incontinence.
  • Reducing back pain and pelvic girdle pain.
  • Improving your posture by strengthening the deep core muscles at the same time you tone your body and get back into shape!

Pregnancy / Postnatal Pilates

Face to Face Postnatal Pilates Classes ON TUESDAYS 10:40AM AT AMERSHAM BAND HALL IN RECTORY HILL



face to face Pregnancy Pilates classes tuesdays 6:30PM at woodside junior school SUITABLE FROM 16 WEEKS PREGNANT

Babies are welcome in Postnatal classes