Sol Pilates

Here is a list of equipment that we use in Pilates classes. Participants are encouraged to bring their own equipment to class, although I can provide these items if needed.


I recommend a mat between 8mm-15mm. Here is one example.

Pilates Mat

Head Cushion

Head pad or small rolled towel.

Sol Pilates Head Pad

Pilates Block

Pilates blocks or a couple of thick books or a thick cushion.

Sol Pilates Block

Hand Weights

Hand weights between 0.5kg and 0.75kg or a pair of cans of beans. You might have a different pair of hand weights at home and that’s fine too.

Sol Pilates Hand Weights

Fitness Band

Fitness band or a stretchy scarf.

Pilates Fitness Band

Pilates Ball

Pilates ball (7 inches).

Sol Pilates Ball

Massage Ball

Spikey ball or tennis ball.

Sol Pilates Spiky Ball

“It’s Pilates time, It’s Me Time”

Sol Pilates